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Research, design, implement and maintain all decentralized finance systems incubated by
Work closely with product managers, designers, strategists, DevOps engineers, security engineers, and quants to ensure the systems are of high-quality by the product standards as well as engineering standards and delivered to the market in a timely manner.

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Required Qualifications

1-5 years of Solidity or Vyper development experience.
Experience with smart contract static analysis tooling (e.g. Manticore) or formal verification (e.g. KEVM) would be a plus.
1-5 years of experience in server-side programming languages (e.g. Typescript, Golang, Python, Ruby).
1-5 years of experience in Test-Driven Development.
1-5 years of experience in development lifecycle automation, continuous development, continuous integration.
Quantitative finance knowledge would be a plus.
Proficiency in handling scalability, security, and performance.
Proficient English communication skills.
Experience with mobile development is an advantage.
Knowledge of low-level networking or OS internals (Linux, iOS, and Android) would be useful.
Knowledge of front-end frameworks and technologies (e.g. React.js, Vue.js, Mobx, Redux) would be a plus.

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