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A Solidity Developer at Decent Labs is highly skilled, highly focused, and driven to learn. You, the Solidity Engineer, have a strong passion for building the future of money on the Ethereum blockchain. A creative thinker and an analytical problem solver who is inspired by opportunities to push the boundaries of what is possible with technology. Most importantly, at Decent Labs, you will grow as an architect and developer who has experience executing complex development roadmaps from inception to deployment on the cloud, mainnet, and beyond.

Your Responsibilities

Build smart contracts in Solidity for the Ethereum blockchain
Build front-end Web3 interfaces that interact with the Ethereum blockchain
Build back-end cloud services that interact with the Ethereum blockchain
Understand and be passionate about blockchain architecture
Design, scope, and estimate decentralized applications at the feature level

Start Date


Required Qualifications

Skills & Qualifications

Senior-level development experience
We value a passion for learning and the self-awareness of how you learn best
Comfortable with Node, React, and understands how to build smart contracts which interact with the traditional web stack
Possesses a working knowledge of designing APIs and building scalable RESTful services
Understands and applies Solidity patterns to solve common problems
Build smart contracts using Test Driven Development methodologies
Understands gas optimization the tradeoff between efficient code and readable code
Familiar with Truffle, Waffle, and Hardhat, and the pros and cons of each framework
Familiar with grooming and submitting smart contract codebases for third-party audits, with extensive

Pay Details

150k for salary + equity in projects

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