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The role
We are hiring an intern who will work on all things regarding the Mask ecosystem, including but not limited to marketing, business development, community building, and research.

You will join a young and creative team that is super driven for crypto mass adoption and has been building for crypto mass adoption since 2018. We are looking for quick learners who have keen interest in the Web3 Metaverse and broad knowledge, while possessing rich experiences in multi-media content creation.

What you will do
You will be a fast learner who is able to climb a steep learning curve.
You will work with the team on a variety of different categories of tasks, acquiring expertise in each one through in-depth research.
You will be punctual and adhere to best efforts practices.
You are a keen problem solver, reaching out to teammates and the ecosystem to learn and solve problems.
You are always on the lookout for opportunities to build the ecosystem and help projects and teams.
You are very at ease offering opinions and facilitating discussions on online communities.

Start Date


Required Qualifications

What you bring
You are good at storytelling.
You have a creative eye
You are an effective communicator, in writing and conversation, and can convey details with clarity and coherence.
You love to do research
You are an eager learner for new topics and flexible in a rapidly evolving company and space. You are excited about building new things.

Bonus if
You are a believer of crypto and have deeply ingratiated yourself in the crypto space.
Have a strong desire to perform and highly motivated to build in Web3.
An OG in the crypto community
Trade in crypto

Benefits and Perks
Remote working is available
Salary is negotiable and higher than industry average, with performance bonus

Pay Details

500-3000 usd

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