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Switzerland, Zug, Zug
Posted 5 months ago

Job Description  English      Job ID: #1551

We are hoping to find someone who:

-Understand DAOs & DeFi protocols such as OlympusDAO and be able to connect and keep good relations with them.

-Have a good understanding of Multifarm’s Treasury Dashboards API and Yield Explorer app. Be able to come up with creative marketing solutions and outreach.

-Develop both marketing and community-led partnerships.

-Develop plans for Medium Articles, Advertising, Sales.

For more info or to apply please DM ‘Pool2warrior’ directly in the Multifarm discord:

Start Date


Required Qualifications

Good sense and courtesy when dealing with people and partners. Ideally should have used a lot of DeFi protocols and has a good overview of DeFi 2.0/3.0.

Pay Details

We pay well, depending on your experience. Please ask in the interview.

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