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Job Description  English      Job ID: #1564

What will you do?
— develop and deploy different Smart Contracts on Solana
— provide the highest level of reliability and security with all contract code thoroughly audited and tested
— stay current with latest blockchain developments and best practices

Start Date


Required Qualifications

What are we looking for?
— simplicity and openness in communication
— strong prioritization, organization, and personal management skills
— independency, self-learning, strong sense of individual initiative
— deep understanding of blockchain and consensus (POW, POS, LPOS, DPOS, Proof of History etc.)
— strong knowledge of Rust
— experience in smart contracts writing
— awareness of the main attacks on smart contracts
— understanding of how Ethereum/Bitcoin/Solana works

Bonus points:
— experience in audit/development in Solidity
— good level of English B+

Pay Details

$4k +

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