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Job Description  English      Job ID: #1631

- Smart contracts audit (DEXes, Vaults, Lendings, DAOs, and Derivatives);
- Implement security tools with our developers' team;
- Create independently, or collaborate with a team of engineers to write and deliver security features;
- Take part in smart contract security engineers’ education;
- Write and/or review articles.

Start Date

Aug/07/2022 10:30:00

Required Qualifications

- Experience in DeFi development;
- Expertise with Solidity, Ethereum, and blockchain;
- Deep EVM, Solidity, Vyper, Yul understanding;
- Enterprise experience in auditing;
- Experience with unit, integration testing, fuzzing;
- Experience with hardhat, brownie, foundry;
- Proactive problem solver;
- Writing and speaking English skills in a professional environment.

Pay Details

Competitive salary

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