Smart Contract Developer at OpticAll Jobs

Job Description  English      Job ID: #1638

Designing and developing core smart contracts for projects

Writing appropriate unit tests for the aforementioned smart contracts

Deploying developed smart contracts to production

Start Date


Required Qualifications

🔍 5+ years of experience in software development with 2+ years of experience in developing and implementing smart contracts

🔍  Solidity Smart Contracts and web3 products (EVM-based, Solana, Flow, Polkadot)

🔍 Good knowledge of blockchain technology: consensus mechanisms (PoW, PoS), oracles.

🔍 Good understanding of token standards: ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155.

🔍 Experience in cloud, preferred background - AWS - EC2, ELK, S3.

🔍 Experience in Backend Development - JavaScript (Node, Express) and/or Python (FastAPI, Asyncio)

🔍 Experience in Truffle or Hardhat

🔍 Experience in Docker

🔍 English: Upper-Intermediate B2 (comfortable with spoken English environment)

Pay Details

$6-8k skills & location considerate negotiation is possible

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