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Hiya! We’re Morningstar Technologies, and we’re looking for an avid crypto enthusiast with profound research skills to join our team as a Web3 analyst. Right now, we’re working on an exciting learn-to-earn project that will shake the world of crypto education once and for all. Think you can nail it with us? Make yourself familiar with our offer and apply now!

- Conduct deep-dive comprehensive research on various NFT, play-to-earn, and metaverse projects, focusing on learn-to-earn apps and services
- Research and create detailed theses on targeted sectors or themes of interest to the company
- Identify development opportunities across web3 for our project
- Participate in mapping out strategic content for our learn-to-earn app

We offer:
- comfortable working conditions, flexible schedule;
- 28 paid vacation days, paid sick leave.

Test task:
You’re working on a learn-to-earn app devoted to crypto, financial literacy, and investing. The app is supposed to offer courses on diverse topics with bite-sized lessons, e.g. Crypto 101 course that includes such lessons as what is blockchain, what are cryptocurrencies, how to buy a cryptocurrency, etc. Your task is to draft a content tree comprised of the topics broken down into courses, with each course divided into lessons and sorted out by complexity. For example, there could be a course on DeFi for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional levels. The beginner one would cover the basic definitions, the intermediate one would introduce how-to guides, and so on. Good luck!

Start Date


Required Qualifications

- Extensive knowledge of NFT technology and trends: play-to-earn, move-to-earn, learn-to-earn, metaverse
- Experience in working with various sources and communication channels to find relevant information
- Strong analytical skills
- The ability to learn quickly and arrive at analytical decisions across a wide range of sectors and themes

Pay Details

$1000-$1500, Payment in Crypto USDT

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